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Brain Surgery to Cure Stupidity

Brain Surgery to Cure Stupidity
K.R.S. Murthy

Wings sprung up large and wide on the side of the mammoth mountains
Real iron wings beating all over the sky highways as all the mountains

Flew and glided effortlessly and smoothly, as the gravity took a long vacation
In flocks, large and small, for days at a time, with no desire to land on the ground
Army of fish, whales, dolphins, jellyfish and octopuses came sprinting
On the streets of desert town with water pistols, big and small, squirting

On each other in a long child play, on family, friends and all their foes
Only to suffocate each other to death with too much water on their faces

Scorching heat of the Moon heated the earth all day to blistering temperatures
As the Sun could not control his shiver with the freezing cold in the universe

Rivers, lakes, oceans and all the seas were flooding with milk overflowing
With their waves reaching the skies, as millions of infants were drowning

The lions, tigers, wolves and hyenas were filled with genuine love and kindness
The pride in the forest ready to serve their cruel prey as they have been for ages

With delicate care, were bringing all the cattle, deer, zebras and the wilder beasts
Carrying on their back to the grazing field for the prey to eat the grass and leaves

Then to drink to quench all their thirst in the sweet brine without any fear of their lives
Brine, the ultimate thirst quencher, in fancy wine glasses sipping with aristocratic straws

The bees were carrying big pot of honey on their back to spray on the flower petals
Gardens blooming in the mid winter flowers with the hardness of iron, and the metals

The mosquitoes, flies, ants, spiders, and all the small pests of the earth were rejoicing
Feeding poisons and beating humans to death, as all the humans were helplessly crying

Have you begun to wonder about me? Do you doubt me to have any common sense?
Have you wondered if I am already in the biggest nut mansion, with a lifetime lease?

Are you getting ready to carry me to the nut house? Brand me to be the ultimate lunacy
I will let you in on a real secret that I was born in a family of lunatics, born real crazy

My parents were crazy, and so were all their parents, their parents and all the ancestors
One more secret that you never knew, or never wanted to accept, is about your ancestors

They were very close cousins with the same lunatic genes that made all of us born crazy
Only some of know the genetic secret, but others like you simply believe others as crazy

Sometimes knowing you are crazy may be a curse, but not having any clue of the truth Not at all knowing that you do not even know the real truth is simply bliss of blind faith

Would you mind if I called it stupidity, as the stupid would never know they are stupid?
Trust me that I am really very kind in slapping on your face and calling you a real stupid

Any milder way of saying may be a simple waste of time, as it will not pierce your brain
Sharpness of the words is essential to break open your hard skull for surgery of the brain

Once it is open, it is a simple procedure and you will not have any pain during my magic
My delicate surgery will change wiring in your brain and load it with my brand of logic

Evaporate your past stupidity without any trace, so that you have no fear of any relapse
I will implant a bonus of my unique brand of virus protection, which never needs updates

Reputation as a skilled brain surgeon with an excellent track record in permanent cures
Can cure all types of stupidity deceases, and known not to accept any fees for services

Sorry that I lied a little bit, but I do expect something in return for my help to cure the ill
Don't be scared! Surely, it is not money, or gold or anything you cannot afford at all

Just give your first born my name. It surely costs nothing for you to use my sweet name
Remember the name of your surgeon and let anyone needing similar help know my name

Tell them how good you feel after the magic of my sharp words on your brain software
Be sure to tell every stupid person you meet from now on, about your permanent cure

It is time to start the surgery now, as you read my poem again of things that look absurd
So absurd that it would never be true on this earth and the universe we have witnessed

Do you remember many things that we are taught as kids and still hold them as real truth?
As universal as the Laws of Physics, to always speak the truth, and nothing but the truth

"Good wins over evil". "There is a heaven and a hell" "God is really watching us".
"What we do on the earth will result in heaven or hell", say people to all of us

"God will take care of good people, and neglect or punish the bad people".
"There is place in the heaven for everyone who believes in him (or her or it?)"

"You are bound to go to hell if you do not believe in God", shouts the preacher
Some even dare say, "If you do not believe in their special brand of God", beware

Come to the preacher anytime, but leave your brain and its logic at the churches' gate
Don't dare come out of the house of God, without dropping a dollar in preacher's wallet

Every time you cried as a hungry baby, and asked genuine questions, everyone fed myth
No one means any harm to you, but parents mix an ingredient called undigested myth

Divine bosoms of the mothers produce the nectar full of a sweetener to feed your hunger
The sweetener, known as love, rushes to your heart the moment you drink, with the killer

Sneaking behind it, as you savor the sweet taste, with closed eyes, the eyes in your brain
Killer of the hunger, myth gets into your blood stream, your lungs, heart, and the brain

Con artists of the veteran kind are the loveable grand parents, and guilty as charged
They have earned a first class ticket to stupidity paradise without a dollar of charge

With their frequent liar program about the God and the heaven, they may never get to see
Don't dare say they should go to jail, and just show all the pity as they are dressed to die

Churches, mosques and temples are the biggest factory fermenting the myth of God
Fermented for millenniums in the darkness of the faith underground of the God's abode

The more you drink, the more you want, and the myth concoction is extremely addictive
Drink alcohol, or take some drugs, they kill some brain cells, and you become addictive

The religious myth, when you drink in large quantities, makes you real dumb and stupid
Questions evaporate from the dictionary of your brain, never to re-enter the skull so hard

Skull hardened by the deposits of the myth, layer upon layer, but opens to my antidote
Antidote of unadulterated logic, but beware, the preacher prohibits you from the antidote

Preacher takes an oath from you demanding that you never meet a magician, very unique
Magician who feeds the real nourishment for your brain, one of curiosity, logic, and critique

Challenge the fundamentals and a very important vitamin called Big Q, the questioning
Never stop inhaling questions; the oxygen to the brain, or else it is not even worth living

Time has come to close your skull, seal it back tight and give your brain a final injection
It is a crime for you to accept any thought without a thorough screening and introspection

Just be very patient as it takes a while for you to heal, and stay away from the preacher
Sooner than you realize, you will be cured of all stupidity, and blindness of faith, forever

Very easy way to test of your permanent cure, is called the magic of "Coin on its edge"
Toss a coin in the air, and see it to fall on either side, and also equally well on its edge

Always your friend in need, should you need any more tuning or twisting of the screws!
Lifetime warranty is what I give to everyone, but not responsible after you die, of course!


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